About You

Perhaps you are in a time of transition, and you’re not sure which way to turn next. It might show up as a change in jobs, a suddenly empty nest, a dissolving relationship, or a new role as a caretaker for a loved one.  In any case, the  question “now what” has taken up permanent residence in your heart.

Or perhaps you are in the midst of a personal crisis of identity. You have worked hard, achieved all the right things, done it all the way “they” said it should be done, and yet you feel…numb inside. Empty. Wondering what the hell happened, and why, all of a sudden, you don’t recognize yourself in your life any more.

Or maybe you simply find your soul longing for something. There’s an ache inside that you can’t put your finger on, and it’s becoming more insistent that you figure out what it is.

This is where I come in. I help women like you reconnect to themselves and find their own genuine and authentic voice, to attune to their own internal compass in order to discern what’s next and to make solid, centered decisions about their lives.

I want  women like you to move away from depletion and burnout, and instead move toward sustainable fulfillment.  Because, when you show up from a place of self-awareness and grounded personal authority, you are more fully able to serve both yourself as well as those you engage with, whether it’s your family, friends, community, or work.

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