About Me

The unofficial bio:

I’m a personal coach, a therapist, and an artist. I do my best work in quiet spaces, in conversations, one to one, helping people do deep personal inquiry and exploration.

I began my working career as a hairdresser. This fed my creative artistic soul, and fed me financially, yet I grew tired of the focus on external beauty. As much as I loved my clients, it broke my heart when  I would have someone in my chair who I could tell did not see herself as enough, even though I could see the beautiful human within. I found that my job was less about  their hair than  it was listening to their stories and concerns, really seeing  the person in my chair, and helping them to see past the mirror into a deeper part of themselves. In a way, my job was really to help my clients love themselves.

Today, as a therapist and personal coach, that’s still where I do my best work. I’m a compassionate listener, an open-minded optimist, a safe vault for one’s deepest secrets, and a non-judgmental sounding board. I make people feel safe, I ask intuitive questions, and rarely offer guidance or advice unless it is truly called for. I find that when people feel seen and heard and cared for, that they find more courage and hope and confidence than they thought they had. I love what I do, and feel honored every time someone is willing to trust me to help them.

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The more official bio:

MA in Applied Behavioral Systems from Bastyr University

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach from The Coaches Training Institute

Associate Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation

Certified Trainer, Immunity to Change

And: I’m an artist and photographer, a former business owner, a recreational athlete, an introvert who can do extroversion from time to time, a nature lover, and a foodie.