You expect much of yourself, and give even more. You’ve worked hard to build a career, a family, a life. And yet somewhere along the line, you lost touch with yourself, and now you find yourself floundering, disconnected from a sense of meaning and purpose.

It happens to the best of us: we work for years in mind-numbing careers to attain a certain lifestyle that we’ve been told is what we want. We strive to earn more, so that we can buy our way into happiness, hoping that by acquiring things it will fill the ache we have for significance, connection, and contentment. Yet when we arrive, our achievements can seem empty. We have bought into a fantasy, and in doing so have become unmoored from our own center of gravity, our own internal compass.

I can help you reconnect–with yourself first, and then with others, with community, with spirit, and with a deeper sense of meaning and purpose. My gift as a coach and therapist is in deep listening, reflecting you back to yourself, asking questions that help you find new perspectives, and gently (or sometimes not so gently) nudging you to take action, to take a stand for yourself.

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